MercuryRestorationsAn environmentally friendly and healthy restorative option!

Amalgam filling material, an alloy of silver, mercury and other metals, has been in use for decades. When first developed, it had major advantages over other dental materials of the day. It was inexpensive, easy to work with and when properly placed, could last for many years. However, it also can cause further damage to the tooth because of an incompatible thermal expansion rate leading to micro-cracks that allow for further decay. In addition, it may be unsightly because of the metallic grey color. It can cause discoloration in adjacent teeth and gum tissues. Most importantly, it contains mercury, a known toxin.

Currently there are a number of composite, porcelain and other types of biocompatible, tooth-colored dental materials available. They allow a more conservative preparation, have aesthetic appearance, reinforce the remaining tooth structure and have excellent wear and longevity. Our office offers cosmetic replacement of amalgam fillings with composite, ceramic inlays, or onlays. Feel free to call the office with questions, or to schedule a consultation to see if amalgam replacement is right for you.

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